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CyberRat Product Information

What is CyberRat?

Why CyberRat is Realistic Beyond All Expectations!

    Gross-motor activity habituates to the novelty of an animal being placed
    into the chamber during pre-conditioning habituation sessions.
    Pre-session water deprivation levels have realistic effects on performance.
    Water satiation occurs naturally within sessions involving high-density use of
    reinforcements. CyberRat allows the use of "successive approximation" training
    techniques for shaping many new behaviors, including some--like bar
    pressing--that will almost never occur unless you shape them. Prior to
    shaping, magazine train subjects to respond to conditioned reinforcement
    sounds associated with primary "water" reinforcement delivery. Intermittent
    schedules of reinforcement, whetherinterval or ratio create standard
    response rate patterns. Schedule densities result in realistic rate
    differences and you may even experience "ratio strain" if you lean a schedule
    too quickly! Here's just one comparative example of two live animals reaching satiation across a 60 min session vs. a single CyberRat equivalent session:

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