(AI)2, Inc.
Our Philosophy: All College Students Can Attain Mastery

....it just takes minimizing their errors and adapting to individual student learning needs!

In 1998 (AI)2, Inc. culminated nearly 10 years of development effort in the production of MediaMatrix and our first Textbook using this delivery system for Introductory Psychology students. This was our internet-enabled adaptation of Richard A. Kasschau's updated version of his popular Psychology: Exploring Behavior.

The philosophy of our effort was simple, yet provocative. We proposed to bring fundamental coverage of the field of Psychology to students with the expectation of their FULL MASTERY of its content. In 1998, a very enlightening poster presentation at the APA convention by Jeanne S. Zechmeister and Eugene B. Zechmeister titled Identifying KEY "Key Terms and Concepts" in Introductory Psychology Textbooks These authors demonstrated that only 64 terms appeared in common among 10 major introductory psychology textooks! Yet, all total, the 10 books contained 2505 items deemed to be different terms or concepts. When they reduced their criteria to be a term's appearance in as many as 8 out their selected sample of 10 popular Introductory Psychology Textbook glossaries, they still found only 197 terms to be commonly used within the field of Psychology!

With such variations the authors concluded that psychology was not being taught as anything like a singular comprehensible discipline! Rather, each author was writing his/her own individualized representation of the field, with very little overlap or commonality with their competitors.

Now we ask: "Is this any way to introduce a scientific discipline?" We think not!

So we chose a different path. We chose to remove most of the material that would not be tested by most instructors, but concentrated on the fundamentals that most texts share in common. Then we chose to implement an adaptive instructional system that encourages--in fact it may even demand--total mastery of those fundamentals. To that end, we are proud to have introduced this highly innovative system of instruction for use by Introductory Psychology students beginning in the Fall of 1999 -- all delivered and certified via the internet. When our video library begins to develop, watch for us on internet for text, adaptivity, and mastery certification via our sophisticated student knowledge mirroring system!