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   CyberRat Assignment Handouts (pdf format) for students

(This file contains revised and detailed Student Assignment Handouts for use in courses, but without the Ray and Miraglia 2011 article cited above that presents how and why these experiments are conducted)

  Ray, R. D. (2011/2012). CyberRat, interbehavioral systems analysis, and a "Turing test" trilogy. Behavior and Philosophy, 39/40, 203-301.

  Ray, R. D. (2011/2012). Challenges in Concluding a Research Program: Some Reflections on Reviewer Comments Regarding “CyberRat, IBSA, and a ‘Turing Test’ Trilogy.” Behavior and Philosophy, 39/40, 321-329.

  Miraglia, K., & Ray, R. D. (2003). Finding parametrics to model CyberRat: What we don't really know about habituation, ratio strains, or much of anything else. Paper presented at the Meetings of the Association for Behavior Analysis, May, San Francisco, CA.

A presentation based on the unpublished MS. titled "The CyberRat Research Project (CRRP)" by Ray, R. D. & Miraglia, K. M.

The above section allows you to download printable "pdf" file versions of publications relevant to our products. Enjoy reading!