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Your Starting Page for CyberRat Activation Number Registration

What's Required:

This web-site is where you begin your registration of the CyberRat Activation/Serial number you purchased online. Registration of your unique activation number that was sent to you via e-mail is required to store CyberRat session data on our servers at (AI)2, Inc. Otherwise you have highly limited (Visitor-only) services from your copy of CyberRat.

Our services allow CyberRat users to store all data concerning animals, experimental session histories, playback video records, and data for graphing any archived sessions. Each student creates a unique laboratory record (even if you have previously registered for your course to access CyberRat's Learning and Conditioning Tutorials, you still must register for this laboratory section as well) on our servers by registering a student ID (university ID) which will be used for your future logins and by which the instructor will know you. We then make it possible for instructors to view student progress for all student's in their (and ONLY their) specific courses and/or sections.

I'm not taking a course...do I need to register?

Even if you are a single individual user NOT taking a course from an instructor at some school, college, or university, you need to register. In those cases where only individual, not course-related, use is your intention, register for our PERSONAL USE section (Course is CYBERRAT LAB) to allow full use and data storage for your single copy of CyberRat.

CLICK HERE to begin your Activation and Registration for use of CyberRat!

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